Congratulations, you’ve found your venue!

You’ve booked your wedding with Falling Water Gardens, so what are the next steps?

Banquet Permit

Due one (1) month prior to event date

A banquet permit is a permit you apply for that allows the service and consumption of liquor at a private, invitation-only banquet or gathering held in a public place or business. Examples include weddings, company banquets, retirement parties, and club, organization or church events.

Order your banquet permit from the Washington Liquor and Cannabis Board online here.

You must bring the permit with you the day of your event and it needs to be posted up in the bar area.

We also ask that you email a copy of the permit to us one month prior to the event so we know that you have it.

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Wedding Liability Insurance

Due one (1) month prior to event date

Liability insurance is an increasingly common venue requirement. It covers damage to the venue and injury to your guests. It’s a lot more affordable than cancellation/postponement insurance, but if you’re hiring services and making expensive purchases, you probably want both.

We recommend using WedSafe for liability insurance.

Must be a $1,000.000.00 policy and we must be listed as an additional insured.

Our name must be listed exactly like this:

RicknKen LLC DBA Falling Water Gardens
Rick Perry and Ken Hunt Jr.

They will also want our address:

17516 State Route 203
Monroe, WA 98272

$500 Damage Deposit

The damage deposit will be deposited by FALLING WATER GARDENS. We will mail you a refund check within 14 days following the scheduled event if the premises are returned in the same condition as existed prior to the event, minus normal wear and tear.

Additional Insured Bartender

Due one (1) month prior to event date

Your licensed bartender also needs to be insured.

If your licensed bartender is not insured you can purchase single event liquor liability insurance for your bartender.

We require an insurance policy of 1,000,000.00 We must be added as an additional insured to his/her insurance policy.

Our name must be listed exactly like this:

RicknKen LLC DBA Falling Water Gardens
Rick Perry and Ken Hunt Jr.

They will also want our address:

17516 State Route 203
Monroe, WA 98272

Things to Remember

Keep in mind that we do not have potable water on site. Please bring drinking water for guests and be sure to communicate with vendors about water.

Aside from the keg fridge and ice bin, there is no refrigerator to store items that need to be kept cool, so please plan accordingly.

Music must be turned off by 10pm per the noise ordinance law.

The venue must be cleaned and all people (wedding party, guests, vendors), décor, equipment, supplies, etc. must be off site by 11pm.

Every ½ hour or portion thereof after 11pm will cost an additional $200.

All garbage must be placed in the dumpster on site. Any garbage left on site will cost a minimum of $100.

No guns allowed at the Venue.

No pets allowed at the Venue, unless special arrangements/contract have been formed & signed.

Guests may not bring their own alcohol to the Venue.

Intoxicated or unruly guests will be asked to leave the Venue.

Children must be closely supervised by an adult.

No glass beer bottles. Bartender may pour beer bottles into cups for guests.


What size table and chairs do you provide?

  • 200 white resin padded chairs
  • Twenty-six 60″ round tables (seats 8-10)
  • Eight 8×2.5′ banquet tables
  • Two 48″ round cake table

When should we schedule our rehearsal?

Your Venue Coordinator will contact you to schedule your wedding rehearsal, but feel free to reach out if you would like to get it on the calendar sooner rather than later. Typically, rehearsals are a day or two before your wedding at 4pm. We usually allow about an hour for rehearsal so you can figure out logistics with your wedding party. The Venue Coordinator will also be available to go over last-minute details so everything is ready and there are no surprises on your day.

Where should my guests park for the rehearsal/wedding day?

Guests must park in the back parking lot.

Will you set up the tables and chairs for us?

We will set up chairs and tables for you before your event, and take them down after you leave.

If you would like to reconfigure during your event (i.e. between ceremony and reception), please assign a friend or family member to oversee this.

What about shade? Do you provide a tent?

We provide a 30′ x 50′ event tent in the sunken garden. We hang chandeliers so you don’t have to worry about lighting and you are welcome to add decorations for you event.

Additionally, there are two smaller tents in the northern corners of the sunken garden for you to use (maybe for your DJ and/or bar set-up?), and a tent to provide shade in the catering prep area. None of these tents may be moved.

You are welcome to bring in your own additional tents, but please note that some restrictions apply if you would like to put one in the upper garden by the main bar area.

Is there a kitchen?

No, we do not have a kitchen at the venue; your caterer should prepare all food off-site and bring it to the venue. We do have a shaded catering area with stainless steel tables and plenty of electricity. We have had many caterers deliver a propane oven before events.

What can fit in the keg fridge?

Keg Fridge Storage Capacity Options:

  • 1 Oversized Half Barrel Keg
  • 1 Half Barrel Keg
  • 1 Quarter Barrel Keg
  • 1 Slim Quarter Keg
  • 1-3 Sixth Barrel(s)
  • 1-3 Cornelius Keg(s)
  • 1 Slim Quarter and 1 Sixth Barrel Keg

Does Falling Water Gardens provide trash bags for the trash cans?

Yes, we provide trash bins and bags. You are responsible for emptying the trash cans and depositing them into the dumpster. We keep $100 of your damage deposit if trash is left in the trash cans.

Where should guests park for rehearsal/wedding day?

We have over an acre of private parking reserved exclusively for your event at the back of our property. We can easily accommodate parking for groups larger than 200 guests. Two parking attendants are provided on your wedding day to direct your guests to the back parking area.

When it comes to décor and such, are we allowed to drape pieces of tulle or chiffon around any of the trees in the upper ceremony area near the bar?

Yes, you may drape pieces of tulle/chiffon around the trees. All décor must be removed at the night’s end. Please be careful of the trees and other plants around the trees when hanging décor.

Are sparkler exits allowed?

Sparklers are allowed. Please provide your guests a bucket of water for the hot sticks. If we have to pick up a bunch of sticks the next day then your refundable damage deposit will be charged.

Will we have access to the fire pits on the premises to do a s’mores bar for the reception?

A s’mores bar can be created at several of the fire pits on site.

Can we have our dog be part of the wedding?

We love furry friends of all kinds, however dogs are discouraged. If you would really like to have your dog be present we will have an addendum to your contract. Your dog may participate in the wedding ceremony only, and then must be taken off the premises; we cannot allow dogs at the reception and they must be on a leash at all times.

We are not using a DJ service and would like to rent the stereo/sound system for the reception. Do you provide a sound system?

At no additional cost, we provide this ION Total PA Premier All-in-One Bluetooth Speaker.

  • 500 Watts & Vibrant LED Multicolor Light Display
  • 15″ Woofer & 1″ Tweeter
  • USB Port & SD Card Slot
  • Microphone with 14.76′ Mic Cable <— there are two microphone ports on the back.
  • Includes Stand & Wireless Remote

Can I come and look at the space again before my wedding?

Yes! You are welcome to visit the venue anytime during our regular business hours. Feel free to just show up, walk around, take pictures, take measurements, etc. Our Events Coordinator can also be available to answer any questions if you’d like; just email or call ahead to make sure they are working on-site.

Do you have a contract with any of the hotels where we can get a special rate for our guests?

At this time, we do not have a contract with any of the hotels, but we definitely recommend contacting them to see if you can get a special rate for your guests.

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